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OVITIN main activity concerns nondestructive testing, being certified in the following areas:
- Nondestructive examinations with penetrating radiations by using closed source of Ir 192
- Nondestructive examinations with penetrating liquids
- Ultrasonic nondestructive controls
- Magnetic powders nondestructive controls

The company employees are certified and experienced in performing nondestructive testing operations. OVITIN owns its proper CND laboratory authorized ISCIR and CNCAN as well as its own auto-laboratory, authorized CNCAN. The company is based in Pitesti, Arges County, but able to provide nondestructive testing works in any Romanian county.

A very important activity for OVITIN ENTERPRISE SA includes welding assembling works (steel, aluminum, cast iron, duralumin, etc) as well as by consultancy services in weldable materials and connected technics.

OVITIN ENTERPRISE can provide following related services regarding welding technology and process:
- Theoretical and practical preparation for welders related to all welding methods
- Theoretical and practical preparation for welders in order to obtain welding authorizations
- Elaborating welding technologies for each work and product
- Elaborating restoring technologies
- Elaborating controlling plan for welding works
- Ensuring technical assistance for welding methods
- Selection of proper alloying materials
- Renting and selling welding devices and machines

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OP 5, CP 15, Ghiseul 1 Gara, Platforma Arpechim, DU 23, Bradu, Arges
Phone :  0248/ 217 965
Fax: 0248/ 271 366

Email: office@ovitin.ro
Trade Register J03-1815 /1994
Fiscal Code: R 6494701
Cont RO60 RNCB 0022 0127 1540 0001-BCR Pitesti
RO45 BRDE 030S V119 7652 0300-BRD Pitesti