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About us

Ovitin Enterprise SA is a private owned commercial company, established in 1994. The main activity consists of technical analysis and testing in nondestructive testing field; in this purpose, the company has a certified CND laboratory, authorized ISCIR and CNCAN. Ovitin Enterprise SA is well-known in the Romanian market by providing professional services in the nondestructive testing field since 1995.

Since 1997, the company has developed and presently owns a welding workshop with several welding activities from metallic confections to storage tanks for petrol products and others.

Starting 2000, OVITIN has increased its area of services in industrial construction field; OVITIN provides presently a new range of services from selling welding consumption items and industrial safety valves to renting welding devices and industrial machines.



- Magnetic powders examination, license Type B/073/19.04.2005
- Penetrating radiations control, license Type D/055/19.04.2005
- Ultrasonic thickness measurements, license Type E/075/08.03.2005
- Penetrating liquids examination color contrast, license Type A/087/08.03.2005
- Industrial safety valves maintenance ( Opening/closing repairs, adjustments and control), license Type A/636/15.04.2005


Authorization to possess and transport a radioactive source, Ir 192

ISO 9001/2000:

Ovitin Enterprise SA maintains a quality insurance system in accordance with the terms of the Standard S.R.-EN-ISO 9001/2000, certified by AJA & UKAS until 01.08.2009, through certificate no. AJA06/1086.

ISO 14001:

Ovitin Enterprise SA is equally concerned with environment protection issues, therefore having implemented and certified the environment management system according to he standard ISO 14001.

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OP 5, CP 15, Ghiseul 1 Gara, Platforma Arpechim, DU 23, Bradu, Arges
Phone :  0248/ 217 965
Fax: 0248/ 271 366

Email: office@ovitin.ro
Trade Register J03-1815 /1994
Fiscal Code: R 6494701
Cont RO60 RNCB 0022 0127 1540 0001-BCR Pitesti
RO45 BRDE 030S V119 7652 0300-BRD Pitesti